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Rent a Bike, Enjoy Freedom! (Estonia)


Why buy a bike? Better rent one!
You can enjoy riding motorcycles you have only dreamed about. The choice is wide.
Save money on building a garage or renting storage space.
No need to obtain traffic or casco insurance, the cost of maintenance is 0.
Always the hottest new models to choose from.

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International Ride To Work Day 2011, June 20

On Ride To Work Day, motorbike and scooter riders around the world show just how enjoyable their daily commute is.
By riding to work we demonstrate that life would be better if more people rode motorcycles and scooters every day, with time savings, less congestion and reduced travel costs.

Igor Ellisson honoured by the Estonian President.

Happy International Female Ride Day.

International Female Ride Day is a global campaign for women motorcyclists who own, ride or have access to a motorcycle. The day invites women to “JUST RIDE”. By participating and riding on this united day women underline and demonstrate their passion, ability and enthusiasm for the activity. Women participants as well contribute to the activity on this day as well, by building awareness of female motorcyclists. This worldwide, synchronized unified presence additionally demonstrates to others the fun and enjoyment females of all diversities share in this wonderful activity of motorcycling!

The event occurs on the first Friday of May each year. Women participate by simply being on their motorcycle to “JUST RIDE” …

…to work
…to meet a friend(s)
…to a fitness class
…to their local motorcycle retailer
…to a country road
…to take an off road or track day course
…to a shopping mall
…to your friends charity event and so on.

The day invites women to be on a motorcycle. It is not an organised ride, not a charity or a fundraiser and this is to ensure the events core message remains clear —that of highlighting women motorcyclists! However, many groups, clubs and women incorporate their own purpose, cause or fund raiser to whatever they organise on the day! We’ve introduced a campaign to spend as desired and only ask that women get out on their motorcycle and “JUST RIDE”!

Motorcycles of all brands, types, styles and capacities are welcome! Street, off road/dirt or scooter, sport, duo-purpose, cruiser, touring, trike or ATV!

This is one day devoted to women riders! Women of all ages and all experience levels demonstrating their personal passion, pleasure and camaraderie alone or together in the activity of motorcycling- around the world!

Estonian racers homepage (in english)

Estonian racers homepage! The site contains information about Estonian motorcycle racing events and everything related to racing sport.

Adrenalin Arena

Estonian Motocross has an interesting history. While countries like Belgium, Holland, France and America have a large turnout of riders and thus a bigger chance of having World wide success, the small country of Estonia has relied on the Leok family for most of our success.
We are really glad to inform you that now everyone can ride motocross indoors in Estonia (Võrumaa, Sõmerpalu).
Adrenalin Arena is one of the biggest stationary indoor motocross facilities in Europe.

Renard Motorcycle, Made in Estonia

The Estonia-based Renard Motorcycles is more than just a CAD-rendered designer’s fantasy, it’s allegedly set for limited edition production. The bike features a composite carbon fiber monocoque chassis that houses the airbox, gas tank and oil reservoir in one, and is powered by a Moto Guzzi V2 engine.

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