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Dnepr MT11 For Sale

The motobike was released in 1989 (650cc). The rebuilding period was in 1998-2001. The rebuilding costs were the income of one and a half year. After rebuilding the kilo¬metrage of the motobike is ca 1500 km.

Compendium of rebuilding works: The gas tank (tool chest K 750 has been cut off), seats (self-made), front light (Hella, Cu and Ni), front mudguard (has been set lower), wheels (18 inches, Ni, pins has been made shorter, naves po¬¬lished), engine (polished), one garburator (900 Fiat, with acceleration pump), K&N airfilter (washable), back dif¬fe¬rential (polished, fast gear has been put in), handle-bar and foot¬boards (has been made stainless metal, polished), front amortizations and back springs (polished, Cu and Ni), blinking lights of solo (bought in Germany), gear box (polished).
All bolts and nuts are polished – about 90% are stainless metal (bought from Würth) and about 10% are nickel. All bea¬rings in engine and other parts are new and SKF.

The engine is not original inside of course: the oil¬pres¬sure has been improved (usual problem for Dnepr), the amount of moveing parts has been decreased (pistons, fly¬wheel), valve springs has been replaced with modern parts, electronic ignition switch. Electrical part and signalisation has been built new by Margus) etc.

Paintwork: The new paintwork on the whole motobike was made by hand by Jaan. The ground colou¬ring (white) and multiple lacquering works were made by Mardi-Onu.

The owner of the motobike – Eiko
mobile phone: +(372) 5175554
e mail:

More pictures:

NB! The motobike is FOR SALE! 4499eur.